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Molino Manual Corn Grinder Estrella (Red)

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Ideal for corn, chickpea, wheat, almonds and more.

Attaches quickly and easily to any table or base

Easy to clean and use

Maximum grinding capacity of 1 kg

Do not run the grainless mill in the hopper.



Excessive wear will occur if the grinding discs are driven without grain.

After washing the mill make sure to dry it completely, especially the grinding discs and the worm feeder.


The grain mill will easily grind: boiled corn (nixtamal), almonds, coffee, chick pea, cacao, peanuts, wheat, rice, broad beans, spices, oats, rye, dried herbs, barley and more! Clamps on to any table or counter edge, quickly, easily, and securely.


Cast Iron Manual Crank Corn Grain Grinder 14" Tall & 5" Hopper