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Red Manual Flour/Corn Iron Tortilla Maker Press 10x10 inch Square

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This tortilla press is the perfect cooking tool to make tortillas using dough, just put the dough in push the handle down and make your tortilla then you place the uncooked corn tortillas in a hot comal or griddle to cook. No assembly required. It's ready to go. This item comes brand new from the factory and does not come in a box or packaging. 

Please wash it with soapy water the first time to make sure there are no paint residue left from the factory. 

Manual Tortilla Machine Manual pull down It doesn't come with any instructions or any kind of booklet. Most people or restaurants already know how it works. made entirely of metal with no plastic nor wood surfaces. 10 inch by 10 inch square size

  • made entirely of iron
  • 10 by 10 inches
  • hand pull non electric.
  • assembled and ready to use