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Tortilla Press Mini Authentic Traditional Sope Maker

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  • Item Number: SOOPS
  • Material: Aluminum
  • This classic aluminum mini tortilla press comes in a small in size, but is very big on making miniature tortillas for all your special meals 
  • This tortilla press is manually operated, simply place the dough in between the press and bring both plates together with the top handle
    • In Latin cooking, not just any manual Gordita Press will Produce Quality Gorditas Flat Breads Fast and Efficiently. With its commercial restaurant grade weight, this Gordita presses fast, evenly and with less hand strength of hand, relying on its natural Aluminum weight for leverage.
    • The firm grip handle allows you to evenly press which produces an even motion resulting in evenly flat round Gordita, freshly made and ready to be cooked your way.
    • Sopes and Gordita Press Made From Aluminum ,its light weight is ideal to hold in your hands wile you make sopes ,gordita or pattys..
    • Make Delicious Homemade Sopes,Excellent for Sopes or as a Hamburger Patty Press,Gorditas..
    • Just use a Plastic or Wax Paper as a liner Put Masa Ball in Between and Press remove Liner and Put on a Hot Comal after it is cooked on both sides remove from comal and Slightly Pinch the Edges upward to hold the Toppings and Fry accordingly to how crispy you want the sope. Remove from oil and set on a paper towel to absorb any excess oil it is ready for your favorite toppings and Enjoy!..