Job Opportunities

Position Offered: Market Research Analyst

Number of Opening: 1

Job Duties

1. Organize and analyze data of the company's business lines of kitchen ware;

2. Research and analyze current market needs in kitchen ware industry both in the U.S. and Asia countries;

3. Research other related or interested lines of kitchen products from all sources possible, including internet, newspapers, business journals, financial reports released by competitors, etc.;

4. Research and study competitors' business lines, services, and pricing. Established company branding / image to differentiate between other similar competitors;

5. Research and analyze client corporations' business models, operations, and needs, in order to perform medium and long term distribution planning, especially in Asian countries;

6. Collect and study specific business policies, laws, and codes, and familiarize with relevant business procedures and practices in target regions or countries;

7. Prepare periodical and timely analytic reports so as to provide advisory opinions for the company's business policies and strategies formulation and adjustment.

This position needs a Master's degree in Business Administration or a related field. Salary will be negotiated, based on experience and performance. Fax resume to (213) 680-3772