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10 PC Non-Stick Aluminum Granite Look Cookware Set

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  • Item Number: RB-4006
  • 10 Pcs set includes:
    • 28 cm Deep Casserole w/ Lid - 5,7 Liter
    • 24 cm Deep Casserole w/ lid - 4 Liter
    • 20 cm Deep Casserole w/ lid - 2,3 Liter
    • 16 cm Deep Casserole w/ lid - 1,25 Liter
    • 26 cm Fry Pan - 2 Liter
    • 28 cm Oven Tray - 3,7 Liter
  • Non-Stick Interiors: A long-lasting non-stick interior allows food to slide off and helps make cleanup quick and easy.
  • Beautiful and Functional: A stylish granite looking exterior adds color and style to any kitchen. Plus, this aluminum cookware heats quickly and heavenly, helping to reduce, hot spots, that burns food.
  • Grip Handles: Stay-cool and easy to grip handle.
  • General Safety and Care:
    • To ensure you enjoy your product for as long as possible, we have complied a list of important tips and instructions on how to care for your product.
    • For the first use, wash the product with washing-up liquid to remove any dust or particles it could have picked up during production and packaging.
    • Do no heat the cookware when it is empty and always use a medium heat setting.
    • The excellent heat conduction of the cookware means you can continue to cook on a medium heat after the initial frying or boiling, in this way saving energy.
    • Non-Stick coating are not scratch proof. So, please avoid using sharp and pointed objects such as knives or forks, to keep the quality of cookware in good condition. We recommend you to use kitchen utensils made of wood or plastic. 
    • After you use the product, let the product cool down a little. After that fill it with hot water to prevent overheating from burned-in fat residues.
    • Please use only hot water, washing-up liquid and a soft sponge for the cleaning. If you put it in the dishwasher, your cookware will not last longer. The cleaning agents used in a dishwasher are often too aggressive and damage the material in the long term.