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18" Hamburg Charcoal Grill

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  • Case PK: 1 PC
  • Item Number: RB- 2818C
  • Box Dimension: 47.5 cm x 49.5cm
  • The rust‑proof and adjustable stainless steel damper allows air circulation, and the additional grate is perfect for keeping cooked food heated or used as a temporary shelf.
  • High temperature resistant, the grill and lid can withstand high temperatures up to 1112°F, and the lockable lid allows flexible control of heat.
  • Rugged and durable, it can be used in various outdoor places and activities such as camping, fishing, picnics, terraces and backyards.
  • The charcoal support at the bottom allows the charcoal to burn completely, one side has a foldable shelf for preparing food, and a shelf at the bottom for storing food.
  • The grill is movable, 2 wheels and side handles make it easy to move the grill, and the anti‑scald handle prevents burns to your hands.