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17in Round Portable BBQ Grill - Asador

17in Round Portable BBQ Grill - Asador

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Do you want to enjoy cooking anytime, anywhere? If so , you must not miss the 18 Inch Apple Charcoal Stove Enamel (Cover Furnace Body) White Side Wheel. It will be your best choice. This product uses a spherical design, multi-function oven, because of its small footprint, it can save space, so it can be easily carried anywhere and enjoy cooking. It is made of high quality galvanized steel, high temperature resistant, non-oxidizing and durable. What do you hesitate for? Hurry and place an order!



1. Made of high quality galvanized steel, no rust, no corrosion, fine workmanship and durable

2. Charcoal grill has a 18 inch diameter cooking area

3. Holes of black charcoal grilling at base of bowl allow for sweeping cooled ashes into grill ash catcher

4. Turn the ash leak and move the ash down into the ash collection tray for ash handling and cleaning

5. Air vents of charcoal barbecue grills lid adjusts for maximum heat control

6. Suitable for camping barbecue with your family and friends



1. Size: 18-Inch

2. Material: Steel

3. Fuel Type: Charcoal

4. Cooking Height: 60cm / 23.6 Inches

5. Firebowl Size: Dia / 18.3 Inches

6. Lid Size: Dia 47cm / 18. Inches

7. Cooking Grid: Dia 44cm / 17.3 Inches

8. Thickness Of Material: 0.4mm 



1. Do not move the barbecue grill while it is being heated or in use

2. This product is not intended for use by children alone, be extremely cautious when using this product near your child