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2.4L Bento Boxes, Lunch Boxes, Food Containers, Snacks Boxes, Keeps Food Warm With Black Lit Red Handle

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Size: 2.4L

Materials: Stainless Steel with See Through Black Lid, 4 Locks and Red Handle 


This product is made of stainless steel, which is safe from environmental hormones, and prevents bacterial growth to keep the freshness of the stored food for a long time. It is clean because there is no smell of glass or water leaking, and it is not broken, so it can be used semi-permanently.


The product is perfect for kids or adults, convenience for office, working, jobs, schools.

Keep food, snacks, fruits fresh, clean and warm.

Black lid with red handle easy to carry, transport. 


Precautions for use:

When using for the first time, please use after wiping with water with a drop of vinegar. When cleaning with a scrubber containing abrasives, the surface of the product may be abraded, so please use a soft scrubber such as a sponge to clean it. Do not use metal products such as knives or forks directly on the product. It will cause stinging. Do not use in a puncture range, oven, dish sterilizer, or direct fire. If the stainless steel is heavily contaminated after long-term use, you can maintain the original vivid color of the stainless steel by immersing it in vinegar water and washing it. Heat-resistance.