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28cm Stainless Steel Double Short Handles Wok Pan

28cm Stainless Steel Double Short Handles Wok Pan

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  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 28cm


  • The stainless steel material of the pot is durable, does not contain various coatings, is strong, dense, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and is not afraid of stainless steel shovel, steel wire ball, detergent and brush. Can be fried directly.
  • Heat conduction is faster, more energy-saving and time-saving, the bottom is thicker and more durable, will not be deformed, thin-walled heat conduction is fast, energy-saving, delicious, etc.
  • The wok has an anti-scalding handle and a hollow handle design, which is safe and anti-scalding, making it easier and more comfortable. The bottom is thickened and heated evenly and quickly, saving time.
  • Wide range of uses: our wok is a universal pot. It can be used for frying, boiling, stewing, roasting, frying and steaming. Suitable for gas stove, induction cooker, ceramic electric stove. It can provide delicious food for the whole family.
  • Easy to clean: This stainless steel wok is easier to clean. It is recommended to heat the pan with cooking oil before each use to achieve the best non-stick performance. Clean easily with a soft cleaning cloth and use the dishwasher safely.