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6" Round Mesh Skimmer

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Safely and effectively remove items from stockpots, steamers, and fryers with this 6" round mesh skimmer! This skimmer features a durable wire mesh bowl and long one-piece handle.

Use it to remove particles from your fryer, as well as lost french fries, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and corn nuggets. It's great for transferring blanched items from a pot of boiling water to an ice bath, or for putting items into, and lifting items out of, a large frying pan. Use it when making donuts, poached eggs, and dumplings. With this skimmer, your options are endless!

This skimmer's long handle is perfect for reaching into deeper fryers, collecting burnt crumbs from the oil without risking burns. Alternatively, use it to remove cooked pasta from a pot of boiling water, or for pulling fried tortilla chips out of hot oil. Removing large bones and vegetables from a pot of stock is a breeze with this skimmer, the versatile 6" size makes it a must-have in every kitchen.