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Multi-Function Vegetable Cutter Hand-Pressed

Multi-Function Vegetable Cutter Hand-Pressed

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  • Case PK: 12 PC (For Wholesales Customer Only)
  • Item Number: SMARTCHOP
  • Color: White
  • Material: Plastic
  • Using on the chopping block:
1. Take out the garlic container from the item.
2. Put the bottom on the chopping block and put some food into the container (the food should be not too much).
3. Press the compressor quickly with hand (when release the hand, the compressor will go back automatically), when the food be chopped to big piece, the compressor couldn't go back automatically, please pull up the compressor.
4. If  you need the food be chopped big pieces, please don't press many times on the contrary press many times.
  • Using the spice pot (garlic container):

Put some food into the spice pot, repeat the above vising method, when the food is big piece, please chop the food to small pieces before chopped the food with this item.

1. Holding the top part in opposition by right hand, left hand put the groove into the blade (the usage of blade Garlic miller is different).
2. Put the bottom part into the top part, turn the bottom part in clockwise, top part in counter-clockwise.

When put down the compressor, when it can' rebound, please take up the compressor in 2-3 times, it will be ok. When the food is too long or big, please cut the food in suitable shape, then to use this product.


It's easy to clean in un-assembling or in whole part.


Forbidding to put the compressor top part of the product into washer. the product inside part will be damaged when temperature over 70°C.



  • This price is for 1 unit only
  • Retail customer please disregard "Case PK" on the 1st row
  • Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures
  • Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.
  • Need more info? Read Before Making Purchase
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